The Most Comprehensive, Customizable
Mobile App Platform.
about the app
MyCivic Apps is the first all-encompassing platform to offer 100 percent customizable tools that extend far beyond Google, 411 and 911 by enabling one-on-one communication with local civic leaders, legislators and more.

100% customizable
Simple To Use, Update And Administer From The User-friendly Content Management System.
Directories -All business Directory and their information
PLACES - Maps and Direction Integration
News & Calendar - Up to date everything in one place
city hall Put City Hall With Your Citizens At All Times
placesDisplay Everything That Is Great About Your City To Citizens And Tourists
news & calendar
Make Sure Citizens Can Stay Up To Date On Everything In One Place
What unique App does?

Driven by the desire for instant connection to important information, these Apps harnesses
the power of mobile devices and cloud technology to strengthen cities and improve communication,
while also creating an eco-friendly solution that reduces paperwork, enacts change and limits time spent waiting in lines.