a form or structure
modified to fit an environment

Multiple offers
for different stores at one place

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  • shopping cart
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shopping cart

  • All stores product in one cart
  • No more barrier in online shopping
  • Rich shipping experience
  • How much you saved is important
  • How easy was your transaction
  • Transparency in every order details

My account

  • Secure personal information
  • Secure Credit card information
  • (Even adapt don't know about your cards)
  • You can save as many cards as you want
  • You can save many shipping
  • address and can use any
  • address before buying products.
Content management system

Unlimited admin option
Fully responsive

What unique App does?

Adapt is CMS based E-commerce application. Which has very aesthetic look and very rich experience. Adapt's Customers are feeling hurdle less shopping experience in their purchase.